Web-Site For A Company Producing Premium Class Pools Of A New Generation



Create the best web-site of the industry. Using 4 concepts inform clients not only about product specifications but about what you feel like if you own that pool, so to say to present emotions! Show competitive advantages of the company especially latest technology in use as a justification of the high price for its pools.

concepts Для каждой концепции были созданы свои посадочные страницы

Task Achievement

We created a stylish web-site presenting in a concise way the main idea for a user by means of a unique and a difficult-to-design slider. Inconspicuous but user-friendly interface allows a user immerse himself in the atmosphere of luxurious and high-tech pools and does not strain himself with searching for the necessary information.

User-Friendly Navigation

The web-site menu has been made as to allow a user to separate common pages from pages with concepts. «Concept» buttons are duplicated on all of the relevant pages to provide an easy access between.

Managing Interface

This pattern shows the main competitive advantage of INPOOLCONCEPT pools clearly – an intelligent control system. Pushing the buttons you can see some technological processes in move.


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Detailed Study

It was very important to separate all of the concepts one from another explaining its differences for a user at the same time. So we did it by means of models’ system with unique web-icons and many atmospheric photos.


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