A WEB-site for “Pool Center” Company



Create an interesting and an unusual web-site which can explain as detailed and clearly as possible the products’ technology and its advantages.


Task Achievement

We created stylish and minimalistic web-site. This site presents the main info about the company’s products and its possibilities in an interactive way.

Color Solutions

A pattern with color variants of a pool bowl was created in unusual and bright way. It provides with more comfortable perception and a selection process.

Understanable (User-Friendly) Navigation

We created a table of viewing and comparing items for the site. Any site visitor can get any info about the company’s products: pools’ appearance, its description and technical specifications.


Web-site specific feature

Specially for this web-site we constructed a three-dimensional animated model demonstrating pools’ mechanism and its technological advantages for a user. It helps to understand how each of pools is working in details.


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